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Write an introduction to an informative and factual blog post titled “The Dangers of Online Dating (2018)”.

Online dating is part of our lives. From the moment we sign up for a social media account, we are bombarded with profiles in our inboxes or on websites we visit daily. Theoretically, it can be an easy way to find love. However, as with any online interaction, there is always the risk of embarrassment or worse — fraud. Here are the 6 most damning reasons why you should ditch online dating completely and embrace offline courtship instead.

The first reason to avoid online dating is due to the fact it encourages lying. In an age where we are able to publish our every move on social media, it makes sense that we would be more inclined to tell the world exactly who we are and what our intentions are. With online dating, this becomes increasingly difficult. Unless you have never lied before in your life, chances are “online” will be your new home when you tell away future potential suitors about your career and hobbies.

The second reason online dating is a bad idea is because of the impersonal nature of it all. In the past, when we wanted to date someone, we had to put ourselves out there and make an effort. When online dating, it’s as simple as scrolling through a profile and deciding whether or not you like it. There is no personal connection. We don’t even have to go out of our house or interact with real people anymore! Simply click the next profile and repeat until one ticks your boxes.

Thirdly, cyber dating encourages fetishism. Previously, you could only meet someone in person if they lived within a reasonable distance of your home. Nowadays, all we need is an internet connection and we can filter through all the potential partners that align with our desires. This can lead to dating partners that may not be a good fit for us.

Fourthly, online dating encourages serial daters. When we are able to fill out profiles with as many details about ourselves as we want, it’s easy to lie about our previous relationships and how long they each lasted. And if you think that you will be able to tell which of your potential suitors have a questionable past because of their profiles, think again. There are dating sites for all types of people — and that includes people with prior relationships, children, criminal records and more!

Fifthly, cyber dating might actually hurt us more than help us. The comfort of our homes is a dangerous place for your heart. When we are at home, there are no interruptions or uncomfortable silences. We are able to pretend that we actually like someone thanks to the lack of interaction in our dating lives. Cyber dating can frustrate us and make us feel as though something is missing when we have a string of unsuccessful first dates.

Finally, cyber dating hurts society by encouraging people to not leave their houses. Dating sites offer comfy couches, online drinks and home delivery menus — they take all the fun out of going out! If society stops going out, venues will close down and local businesses will suffer due to lack of interest. This will lead to a lower standard of living for all who live in the area.

Are you ready to give online dating a try? Take up your smartphone and unlock your phone’s camera, SnapChat style, and prepare to start snapping and sending pictures of yourself with an endless amount of potential matches! It’s time to face the world of online dating head-on — that is…everything but your phone!

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