Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO: 2021 Edition

This is an extremely in-depth and carefully curated list of the tools I’ve found to be the best keyword research tools for SEO. Each one has its own purpose, pro’s, and con’s depending on your needs. I believe that not all SEO’s are created equal so please use this list as a starting point before you make any decisions!

1) Google Keyword Tool –

Google’s keyword tool still remains one of the most valuable and used tools for any SEO’s keyword research arsenal. I’d even argue that everyone should be using it. This tool is FREE and it allows you to see a ton of information on broad, phrase, and exact match keywords, the number of searches per month they receive and their corresponding competition scores (a Google proprietary algorithm that shows how hard a keyword may be to rank for).


100% FREE

Provides really valuable search volume information

Shows you the estimated amount of competition you’ll have to compete against if you want to rank for a keyword (very important for determining if its worth it or not)

2) Ahrefs Keywords Explorer –

Ahrefs is one of the best (if not the best) overall SEO tool for keyword research. It provides you with a ton of information on global, country and domain search volumes. You can do keyword suggestions based upon search volume QS (query searches), CPC (cost per click) and competition scores. You can also do ad group ideas and rank checker to see what your pages currently rank for.


400% SALE SURVIVAL RATE – Ahrefs claims that its tool can achieve an amazing 400% sale more than others tools. It may not be 100% true however I would personally argue that it’s at least close to that.

Overall strength of the tool is pretty strong, in my opinion.


Not a lot of keyword specific information (keyword volume, CPC, etc)

4) Answer The Public –

Answer the Public is a great resource for finding longtail keyword ideas. Longtail keywords are proven to bring in more targeted traffic and can be some of the most profitable keywords out there. With Answer the Public, you simply enter a word or short phrase and are given a list of questions that people may ask regarding your keyword. Answer the public gives you search volume data as well as competition scores (although not 100% accurate its still very impressive).


Very easy to use and understand

Gives you a ton of keyword ideas


5) Uber Suggest – (also available as an extension for chrome)

Uber Suggest is great for finding longtail keywords as well. It’s a chrome extension that allows you to enter a keyword, country and the top 20 found keywords. Uber suggest will show you the competition score as well as the estimated amount of backlinks needed to rank for that keyword (it is only an estimate).

6) Long Tail Pro – (also available as an extension for chrome)

Long Tail Pro is also one of my favorite tools. While I don’t think its as accurate as Ahrefs, Long Tail Pro does a great job of showing you some pretty useful data about your competitor’s backlinks.

Long Tail Pro also gives you the estimated amount of competition that your competitors will have to compete against for any given keyword as well.

7) SEMrush –

SEMush is a great resource for keyword research as well. I personally don’t find it that accurate however I do find it to be useful especially when looking up competitor backlinks. Also, SEMrush allows you to track keyword data over time.

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