Elementor Pro Review: Is It the Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin?

At first glance, Elementor Pro is a new page builder for WordPress.

But it’s more than just that. Elementor Pro is the most advanced, user-friendly WordPress page builder on the market. Not only does it provide the expected drag and drop functionality – which can be found in many other popular WordPress plugins – but it also includes powerful features that will help you design great-looking pages with ease… not to mention solve problems that have been plaguing designers for years!

Ready to get started? Then let’s take a closer look at what this plugin has to offer…

Let’s start with drag and drop

When it comes to page builders, there’s no denying that the majority of users prefer drag and drop functionality over a more visual experience. Elementor Pro is no exception.

It allows you to drag elements from the builder into your page, which can be done both inside the builder interface itself – or directly in your editor.

This is an incredibly powerful feature that allows you to organize elements quickly without having to leave the editor… see what I did there? No? Let me explain… When you’re designing pages manually, you usually have a number of similar elements on each page… say for example a navigation menu, sidebar or footer. Even if you’re not completely happy with the layout of your pages, you can adjust these elements from the builder and save time. More recently, as we’re increasingly relying on WordPress’s built-in editor, this feature is something many WordPress developers need to take advantage of more often – which is why Elementor Pro has it built right in.

Elementor Pro also provides a simple drag and drop interface in its frontend. This means that you can edit your element with ease from any page in your site – without having to access the builder.

The recent release of Elementor Pro 2 brought support for drag and drop in WordPress’s Quick Edit mode (“open source editor”). This means that when you leave the builder and go back to your page, your element will have been automatically converted into HTML. This can help make SEO the better and even more time-saving.

Custom Page Templates

You might be wondering why Elementor Pro includes a feature that’s often found in premium plugins – namely page templates. Not many page builders offer this functionality, but it’s one of the best ways to build unique sets of pages easily… which brings me onto my next point.

Custom Page Templates in a nutshell are pre-set elements that you can edit from within the builder or the editor and use on all of your posts (if you’d like). This makes it easy to set a standard for all your pages and, when you’re done, simply save the template as a new element.

Elementor Pro also includes 6 pre-made templates with dozens of layout variations. These can be heavily customized to fit your needs, but still remain quite simple to use.

But these aren’t the only features included in Elementor Pro – there are many more!…

Advanced Theme Filters

Elementor Pro is one of the first plugins to introduce a powerful feature that’s become a staple in WordPress page builders since it was introduced: filters. Filters allow you to overwrite specific parts of an existing theme and create entirely new themes with them. This helps you build an incredible number of different variations in a few clicks.

Elementor Pro uses filters to allow you to apply different color schemes, styles, and layouts to your elements. This gives you the ability to create lighter or darker themes depending on your needs… and much more! For example, Elementor Pro has over 20 pre-made filters included that let you change the size of widgets, change background colors, edit text styles, include/exclude various modules on a page and much more!

Elementor Pro also makes it easy for developers to filter their theme using a dedicated filter element. This means you can add highly customized filters to your theme without actually touching them… so that the plugin can provide a more personalized experience!

Custom Post Types

As WordPress developers ourselves, we understand how important it is to be able to manage your content in an efficient and effective way. And with Elementor Pro, you can create custom post types that are incredibly useful when creating individual pages or posts. For example, you can create post types using labels (like “About”), custom fields, or even add phone numbers! This makes it easy to add more structure and organization for all your content with just a few clicks.

This feature can also be used in conjunction with Elementor Pro’s Page Templates, which make it easy to create a unique set of pages for each post type… and then choose the appropriate template from the builder.

As another example, let’s say you were creating a website for a business. If you needed to add contact details on every page, Elementor Pro will make it easy to do so without having to override your site’s theme. Just use a custom post type or use an existing custom field and you’ll be able to include your Terms & Conditions page, Privacy Policy and other documents that aren’t posts on their own.

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